I’ve Always Wanted to Play the Harp with Peacocks!

Have you always wanted to play a harp? Have you ever wanted to play a harp? Now that you are thinking about it, wouldn’t it be fun to play a harp?


On Sunday, I’m leading an “I always wanted to play the harp” workshop at the Glendale Folk Festival. I will have harps for you to try out. There is plenty to keep you occupied the rest of the day, too.

  • At 10 am with the Strand: we’re leading a Celtic Jam. Play with us or just come to listen and meet some really cool musicians.
  • The harp workshop is at 11 am
  • The Strand plays at 2:30 in the Fruit Packing Shed
  • All day long, there is plenty to see and do. Performers on every stage, nook, cranny and porch. You can hear blues, bluegrass, old timey, contemporary folk, Celtic, you name it, it’s there.

So what’s with the peacocks? The Sahuaro Ranch Park is a 17 acre historic place, with original buildings, showcasing the agricultural origins of the Valley. The land has 13 historic buildings, some farming, and peacocks that roam freely. You never know when one will join in a session – last year one hopped down from the roof while we warmed up for our set – maybe for a better seat in the audience? 🙂

So join us on March 22 for a day of “colorful” fun!

peacock from deviantart.net

High Desert Harpers at the Musical Instrument Museum

We had a load of fun, playing at the MIM on the Saturday before St. Paddy’s Day. The museum had Celtic performances throughout the weekend, and there was a lot to listen to. Kudos to  Dé Máirt Ceol; their session was rollicking and fun!

My group, the High Desert Harpers, played twice on each of Saturday and Sunday. Here is one of our pieces; I’m on flute on this one. The Butterfly is a well-known slip jig.

Random Acts of Harping Gone Wild

This was a crazy, busy, weekend for me. I spent Saturday with my IHTP mentor, working bedside at the hospice, and that means that Sunday is a catch up day. But still, I wanted to take a quick jaunt out to play for Random Acts of Harping Day. I knew I would regret it later if I skipped it this year.

The problem with RAOHD in Phoenix is that it happens in late June. Playing outside is not something we relish, exactly, when it’s 108 degrees. So I decided to go to our great little froyo place. Locally owned, and laid back, this place has a shaded porch where I could kill two birds with one stone.

After loading up on raspberry/strawberry/lemonade and lots of strawberries, I sat outside next to the sweet old dog who hangs out on the porch. Did I tell you that this place was laid back? They make milk-bone yogurt for the dogs.

This poor doggie, though, was afraid of my little harp. He barked and whined when I got it out, and hid behind a column for the 5 minutes that I played it. What torture for the poor fella.

So my Random Acts of Harping Day was pretty brief. Maybe I should have skipped it this year. 😦


My favorite thing to do when I am town on Saturdays is to hit up Dunkin’ Donuts (warning – musical link) for an iced latte and apple-n-spice donut, and then head to the Arizona School of Massage Therapy.

Right now, its the end of the quarter for ASMT, and that means two for one days are in full swing, and the Saturday Clinic is a hoppin’. I mean, who wouldn’t want an hour-long massage for $12.50, right? So what’s the catch?

There’s no catch, really, except that the law of Supply and Demand kicks in. You want an hour long massage for $12.50? All you have to do is stand in line for 3o minutes to sign up for one, and then wait another 90 minutes until your name is called!

Frank & Ernest

Lots of people in a room together, waiting to relax? This sounds like the perfect setting for harp music for me. The management agreed, with the caveat that I would have to quit if there were any complaints.

People listened. I was amazed that when I started, the sound level in the room dropped by about 50%. People came by to thank me and ask questions. Some people were already aware of therapeutic harp music. Someone called me an angel. And when I had to quit playing for my massage, my therapist say “Wow, it just got really loud in here!”

Dunkin Donuts, massage, and harp music – a win-win-win situation.

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