Link to my repertoire list

OCarolan’s quarrel (video) with my duo partner, Rick Boyle

April Waltz An upbeat version of this favorite by Selma Kaplan.

Six-One-Nine is the area code for San Diego. This is a quick experiment on the Phrygian Mode, which is known for its abilty to aid depth and introspection.

Planxty MacLean You might be familiar with Dougie MacLeans’s “Caledonia.” Here is a lovely waltz he wrote for his parents’ 50th anniversary.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Who doesn’t love this beautiful melody?

Suo Gan A traditional Welsh Lullaby. You may recognize this from the movie “The Empire of the Sun.”

The Celtic Circle Three tunes, chosen for their modal properties:
She Moved Through the Fair, The Moldeau from Ma Vlast, and Jupiter, an English folk tune, but well known from Holst ‘s “Planets.”

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