My favorite thing to do when I am town on Saturdays is to hit up Dunkin’ Donuts (warning – musical link) for an iced latte and apple-n-spice donut, and then head to the Arizona School of Massage Therapy.

Right now, its the end of the quarter for ASMT, and that means two for one days are in full swing, and the Saturday Clinic is a hoppin’. I mean, who wouldn’t want an hour-long massage for $12.50, right? So what’s the catch?

There’s no catch, really, except that the law of Supply and Demand kicks in. You want an hour long massage for $12.50? All you have to do is stand in line for 3o minutes to sign up for one, and then wait another 90 minutes until your name is called!

Frank & Ernest

Lots of people in a room together, waiting to relax? This sounds like the perfect setting for harp music for me. The management agreed, with the caveat that I would have to quit if there were any complaints.

People listened. I was amazed that when I started, the sound level in the room dropped by about 50%. People came by to thank me and ask questions. Some people were already aware of therapeutic harp music. Someone called me an angel. And when I had to quit playing for my massage, my therapist say “Wow, it just got really loud in here!”

Dunkin Donuts, massage, and harp music – a win-win-win situation.

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