So far, one event is still on

As of today, this weekend’s Experience Ireland event at the Musical Instrument Museum, as well as the Phoenix St. Patrick’s Day parade and Irish Faire have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus. Although I’m sad not to be performing in these events, it’s probably for the best. These are all very large scale events, with thousands of people mingling among turkey drumsticks.

There’s still one event that is a go, at least at this point, and that is Rick and my performance at Fiddler’s Dream Coffeehouse. This is a small venue, holding perhaps a few dozen at the most. So if Canon fever is starting to get to you, come out for a few hours.

Saturday night, starting at 8 pm. We’re the second set. 1702 E Glendale Ave. It’s the tiny building behind the Quaker Church.

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