Prescott Folk Festival

Gazebo4web The annual Prescott Folk Festival was last weekend, October 1 and 2. The festival is held every year at Sharlot Hall, and is a load of fun. This year, the Strand played outside on the Showcase Stage, and the weather was absolutely perfect.There were bands and soloists from all over the state; you can hear anything from Gospel, to Celtic, to Cowboy, to Bluegrass – sometimes all at the same time! I was lucky to meet and hear Celtic harper Mary Bouley from Tucson. What a fabulous sound!

But what is the most fun, I think is the participation – you don’t have to be a performer to get in some licks; you can join in any of the organized or impromptu jam sessions or workshops that are going on throughout the park.

By the way, the park itself is a sweet little place, and worth visiting any time of year. Plenty of historic buildings and a little museum, right in the center of historic Prescott. So when  you’re finished with the museum,  you can grab a bite to eat and do a little shopping.

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