I applied to enter the prep program in Tina Tourin’s International Harp Therapy program, and got my acceptance email last week. I want to do this! But I’m not sure why. I started off writing in this post what I hoped would come of this program, but “hope” isn’t a strong enough word. I am the one required to be here and to do it; without that, I only have hopes that things will happen to me – or not.

Here is what I will do:

  • I will use what skills I already possess along with improvisation skills to discover who I am and to express that to the world.
  • I will connect with other people and learn who they are and share who I am with them for our mutual benefit.
  • I will use what I learn about music and other individuals to learn and express what I know about the human condition.
  • I will combine what I know about music, other individuals, and the human condition to help others in their path toward healing and insight.
This is my promise to the program, but more importantly to myself.

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